Etsy Shop Integration and New Products

I have started adding new items to the shop. I believe this is going to be the year of the Dragon. With Dragonlance coming out in December I expect a request of Dragons. I have created a shop category and will be adding two models for each dragon color. One will be flying and the other on the ground. Watch for all of them showing up over the next few days.

New Embroidery Machine

Our current work horse embroidery machine, Toyota ESP9000, has served us well for over 20 years. As we started bring machines back up doing the year maintenance it was not behaving well. The Toyota machine still runs but likely needs a full service from a professional, which can run in the thousands of dollars.

We decided it is time for a new machine. We took our smaller machines in for servicing and bought a 7 needle machine instead of a 15 needle machine.

We did not go with full commercial machine, like the Toyota, but a smaller home business machine to go along with our smaller single needle embroidery machines.

We are waiting for the new machine to arrive and the single needle machines to return from servicing.

New Site Live

The new site is mostly live. I will be adding products to Etsy and they will populate the areas as I get them added. I will be photographing the live items leve from Gen Con .

I do have a t-shirt with the Starwind Design logo as a single product since Etsy needs at least one product.

Looking for new products as I add them to Etsy.

New Store Processing

The site has moved to a new system. I am using WordPress with products sold through Etsy. This takes less updating that previously and will allow me to take advantage of some Etsy options.

You can see our products and categories on this page. When you are ready to purchase you will be redirected to Etsy for check out purposes.

Gen Con 2022

Gen Con 2022 was a great success. We sold over 300 dice bags and 100 articulated Dragons. it was one of our better shows. We were constantly busy on Thursday and Friday.

We had a end cap booth and signed up for an end cap booth for 2023.

We need more 3d printed items. They sold like hot cakes.