Starwind Design, originally My Dice Bag, was started in 2002 by Bob and Cathy Cahill. Before they sold commercially they made dice bags for friends and small clubs using a personal embroidery machine.

In 2002 they went to Gen Con in Milwaukee and was helping at an exhibitor table and had permission to provide a flyer and sell a small collection of dice bags. They sold out the small collection they brought.

When Gen Con moved to Indianapolis they got a table as My Dice Bag and sold out of the bags they brought. They realized the number of embroidered dice bags needed to be ramped up.

In 2004 they purchased a commercial embroidery machine and started selling at Gen Con and other local conventions. They also did small jobs for small businesses and clubs.

Over the years products have been added and dropped. In 2019 3D resin printers were added and new resin products have started to ramp up.

Now with embroidered dice bags and resin products. To grow a new website and products on Etsy.